Custom and Personalized Plates in Pennsylvania


Personalizing your Pennsylvania license plate is a great way to express your individuality on the road. Discover how you can apply for custom and personalized plates, the variety of available designs, and what you need to know about costs and restrictions.

Available Options

Pennsylvania offers a wide range of custom license plate options, including plates for special causes, professional groups, colleges and universities, and military service. Personalized plates allow you to create a custom plate number, subject to PennDOT's approval and guidelines.

Application Process

To apply for a custom or personalized plate in Pennsylvania, you will need to complete a form provided by PennDOT, pay a fee, and, in the case of personalized plates, provide several options for your desired plate number.

Costs and Considerations

Custom and personalized plates come with an additional cost beyond standard plate fees. The fees vary depending on the type of plate. Note that PennDOT reserves the right to deny personalized plate numbers that may be offensive or inappropriate.

Having a custom or personalized license plate can make your vehicle more identifiable. It's a fun and unique way to add a personal touch to your vehicle. Check out the latest custom and personalized plate designs and updates by visiting our website regularly.