Pennsylvania License Plate Fees


Knowing the costs associated with Pennsylvania license plates is essential for all vehicle owners in the state. This guide provides an overview of the fees for basic registration, renewal, replacement, and special license plates.

Basic Registration and Renewal Fees

The basic registration fee for a vehicle in Pennsylvania depends on the vehicle type and weight. It typically covers a one-year period, and a renewal fee applies every year thereafter.

Special License Plates Fees

Special license plates such as personalized, antique, and veteran license plates come with their own set of fees. These may vary based on the type of special plate and the personalization involved.

  • Personalized plates: A one-time fee is charged for the customization process.
  • Antique and classic plates: These plates usually involve a one-time fee, provided the vehicle meets certain conditions.
  • Veteran and other specialty plates: Fees vary based on the specific plate type.

Replacement License Plates Fees

If your license plate is lost, stolen, or damaged, you may need to pay a replacement fee. The cost can vary based on whether you're replacing a standard or special license plate.

Keeping track of the costs associated with your Pennsylvania license plate can help you budget effectively and avoid any surprise expenses. For the most accurate information, consider checking the PennDOT's official website or contacting them directly.